When Life Gives You Napkins, Make A Jump Rope

I really really wanted to put part of this wedding day celebration for all to see just to show you how much fun can be had at a wedding, despite the weather.

This is John and Kathryn’s wedding day and if you watched the time lapse of their wedding ceremony, you know that it was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony.

Then the reception comes along and the clouds start to roll in, the sky gets dark and the inevitable happens. Rain…but not just rain…hail, too. And I mean it was coming down hard.

Despite it all, the guests really got into it and made it an unforgettable celebration!!! Even the bride and groom got in on the action.

All in all, this is a snippet from the reception of John and Kathryn and we just wanted you to see that no matter what the circumstances, it’s your wedding day, so make the most of it.