New Addition

We’re expecting. A baby. A real, live human baby.

…and that’s exciting. Trisha is ecstatic. I’m pretty stoked myself. You can only imagine how excited our parents are about it.

Working at the church, I’ve always had the opportunity to share “news” with the congregation in unique and interesting ways. This goes back to when I first proposed to Trisha, we were having a youth auction to raise money for summer missions and before we got started I said, “Before I pray, I want to ask my fiance to come up here with me.” Excitement ensued.

If you’ve ever heard our wedding story (ask us sometime), you know that it was a surprise for the church and I basically kick started my own marriage ceremony with a Children’s Sermon that led to us getting hitched. More excitement ensued.

This time, we wanted to share with the youth first about the idea of us bringing human life on this earth, so I got this bright idea for our Wednesday Night Youth Game to be the game of charades. I made up a bunch of cards with words and phrases and we had been playing for about 20 minutes going back and forth between the two teams. Several of the youth had participated quite successfully and the time was ripe, so I asked one of the youth to come up and do the last set before we got started with our devotion. She did and her first clue was “Fire Engine.” This is where the video picks up. The next clue I gave her was “Trisha’s Pregnant.” The following takes place:

When thinking about how we wanted to tell the rest of the church about our news, there really wasn’t a better way than to let everyone in my weekly children’s sermon. We had asked/threatened the youth to keep it quiet until Sunday. For me, I knew that there would be some kids to spill the beans. It was more of a social experiement for me, since in past experience, the things you ask them to tell their parents, they don’t and the things you don’t ask them to tell their parents, they do. Despite it all, I was rather impressed that a majority of the kids kept it hush hush until Sunday morning. When the time came for the children’s sermon, it was finally time to let everyone know what was going on. Trisha decided she needed video evidence, so you can watch it:

5 thoughts on “New Addition

  1. Thanks for sharing your special moments with words and video! It’s going to be such a great year! Love ya!

  2. To Brody and Trish!

    I am so excited to hear the wonderful news of a bran new wonderful little life that is growing into your wonderful christian world.

    I am sooo excited for both of you and I know that baby will have the best parents in the world. I can’t wait to hold the special baby and see Trish get “FAT”.

    Love you both,

    Annette Bennett

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