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Amanda [Senior Photography]

Sep 30, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on Amanda [Senior Photography]

We’ve known Amanda for several years and were excited to take her Senior Pictures this year.  She was so photogenic the whole day it was hard to take a bad picture.

Walt + Kayla Highlights

Aug 11, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Walt + Kayla Highlights

Walt and Kayla were married in Hartwell, GA on May 14, 2011 at Hartwell First Baptist Church. The Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Pictures took place at Cateechee Golf Course and the Reception was held at the Swails Center at Emmanuel College. It was an absolute pleasure to work with and spend two days with this couple. We may be a little biased though, since Walt was a part of our wedding three years ago. It was a privilege to return the favor.

Song: Katy by Peter Bradley Adams from his album Between Us

The Art of Vimeo

Aug 11, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on The Art of Vimeo

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across a new site for uploading videos.  It didn’t have the range of users like youtube, but it had a sleek interface and seemed to be better suited for those interested in the art of video.  That’s where I’ve parked all my online content here at Brody Bearden Films.

It’s an incredible community of people who love making films that move people.  (Don’t believe me?  Then watch “Last Minutes with Oden” and then come back and tell me you didn’t tear up a little bit).

I say all of that, to say this.  (Warning: Technical Jargon to follow) In my efforts to utilize vimeo to it’s full capacity, I’ve tried numerous avenues to get the films that I make onto the site with as little loss of quality as possible.  This is the one that works.  Maybe you can use it too if you decide to join the community.  If not, then I know I at least have this catalogued for my own reference in the future.  In Final Cut, click File, Export, Using Quicktime Conversion.  Select Options at the bottom and change these settings:

Codec: H264
Bit Rate: 5000 kbps
1280 x 720

AAC audio codec
bit rate 320 kbps
44.100 khz sample rate

The result?  A beautiful video for all the world to see.  Happy Film Making.

Maisie [Senior Photography]

Jul 31, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on Maisie [Senior Photography]

Maisie was a Senior at Oglethorpe County in 2011 when she so boldly allowed us to give Senior Photography as shot.  She served as a great model and the images turned out even better than I had hoped.

Walt and Kayla…Coming Soon!

May 17, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Walt and Kayla…Coming Soon!

Another Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Another Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

At our church, we decieded we wanted to celebrate our mums by asking the kids why they love their mothers and what makes them special. So we set up the lights and backdrop, got the camera rolling and waited for the unexpected.

Here’s the result:

New Website

Apr 29, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on New Website

Every so often I get an itch to redesign our website.
Yesterday, I got that itch.
Today, as a result, I’ve got a new website up.
Check it out. Leave a comment. Like us on facebook.

Wedding Season

Apr 28, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us.  That means that a lot of brides are scouring the web, magazines, and shows to finish up (perhaps begin) their plans for the big day.

Venues are being looked at…
Caterers are being trialed…
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are being fitted…
Photographers are be booked…
First Dances are being chosen…
DJs/Bands are auditioning…

But wait!  How are you going to capture all of these things for a lifetime?  You’re planning on creating this incredible experience both for you and all who are involved, so why wouldn’t you want to be able to relive it for years to come?

That’s where we come in.  We can help archive your wedding that you’ll enjoy over and over again for years to come.

The tender moments before the ceremony…
The  soft quivers in the reciting of the vows…
The elegant flow on the dance floor…

Those are the things you don’t want to miss.

Contact us below and ask us how we can capture your wedding!


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