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Celebrating One Year

Oct 7, 2013   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on Celebrating One Year

Leeland turned ONE last month.  It has been a whirlwind of a year and quite frankly, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long already.

Having a one year old, I learned of this whole new world that I had never experienced called, “Planning a kids birthday party.”  I’ve heard rumors of it, even seen pictures of it, but had never really experienced it…especially for a one year old.

However, thankfully, my wife took the reigns and planned an incredible party for Leeland.  Much to my pleasure, it was all Braves and baseball themed…(side note: hopefully this post will help the Braves pull it out in the playoffs and be World Series bound).

Here are a few shots of the incredible decorations that adorned our home.

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 031Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 053Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 056

 Maisie Sanders made and decorated both his smash cake and cupcakes for the day…all baseball/all Braves/ all the time.

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 048Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 054Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 058Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 057

We also came across a lot of Braves things to use (napkins, plates, balloons, etc.)

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 049Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 043

I loved these baseballs hanging in the kitchen.

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 047

Leeland has his chair decorated, too.Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 050 Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 052Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 055Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 059

No baseball party would be complete without the peanuts, cracker jacks, and sunflower seeds.

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 070

The way we wanted people to share that they were there, similar to a guestbook, we had everyone sign a baseball for Leeland.

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 061If you’ve ever been to a Braves game, you’ve seen this and maybe even been a participant.  They always have a 50/50 Raffle where the ticket buyer has a chance to win half of the money that goes into the pot, while the other half goes to the Braves foundation.  We decided to do the same thing, but with the other half of our proceeds going to support Anna in Zambia working with WIPHAN. (I’m sure she’d love your support too!)

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 032

He’s all set for the cake.

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 030

This picture can’t even begin to put into words how excited he was when everyone was standing around and singing to him.

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 026

The cake, he was still trying to figure out.  He wasn’t sure how to eat it without getting too messy.

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 001

One of the other things we set up was a big print of Turner Field for everyone to stand in front of and get their picture taken like they were at the ballpark.

Leeland's 1st Birthday Party 064

And last but not least, the party planner herself (@trishabearden) and her favorite son niece.


Aug 27, 2013   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on Family

I’m a big believer in family…as a result, I love my family. We can go from laughing hysterically, to red-faced mad, back to laughing in no time at all. There is never a dull moment with us, hence the photo sequence you’ll see here below.
8 Up Edisto Beach

Brad + Cat [Maternity Pictures]

Aug 17, 2012   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on Brad + Cat [Maternity Pictures]

Brad and Cat are some of our close friends in Athens.  One of the best parts of our pregnancy has been experiencing some of the same things since they got pregnant around the same time we did.  Their son, Fisher, was born yesterday, so I thought it’s now or never to share some of the maternity pictures that we got to take with them back at the beginning of the summer.  Excited for the two three of you and can’t wait for Leeland and Fisher to be best friends.


College Graduation (family style)

Apr 21, 2012   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  1 Comment

My youngest sister graduates from college in less than two weeks. It’s crazy to think about, especially since it doesn’t seem like it has been that long since I graduated myself. However, I suppose it was bound to happen.

She was in Athens for the day, so we decided to take some time and take a few graduation pictures for to have and send out to a few friends and family. Here are a few of those:

Of course you’ve got your classic graduation gown picture with the college sign in the background.

Jenifer loves to laugh/giggle.  Hence I had to catch one of these in the shoot.  It captures her so well.

and then there was this one.  I LOVED this one.  The only thing that could have made it better had there been a horse leaning over the fence eating an apple out of her hand.

Congratulations to my littlest sis for powering through the world of higher education!

The Davis Family

Dec 27, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on The Davis Family

We were really looking forward to taking family photos of the Davis Family, but we were a little worried about the weather. It was December, after all, so it will probably be cold, wet, and/or both. To our surprise, it was a perfect day. Not too hot so that the subjects were sweating and not too cold so that they are shivering. My favorite part about this shoot is that we were able to do it all on their own property. The scenic fields and rugged fenceposts made for some amazing backdrops and it turned out to be a fun little afternoon in December.

The Dudas Family

Nov 21, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on The Dudas Family

Larry and Katie asked us to join them out at Watson’s Mill Bridge State Park for a few family photos on the Saturday morning before the Georgia vs. Florida Football game in October.  She had informed me that anytime that she tried to snag a picture of little Luke, he’d immediately change his demeanor.  We accepted the challenge to try and get a few smiles out of him.  🙂  It wasn’t an easy task, but by the end of the shoot he livened up a bit (notice the sequence shot of him and Larry and his display of excitement).

We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather and the park was pretty empty seeing as how most people in a hundred mile radius try to make their way down to Jacksonville.  As a side note, Watson Mill will forever hold a soft spot in my heart as the place I busted my chin wide open while sliding down the rocks.  Memories.  Thanks Larry and Katie for allowing us to be a part of your day!

Stephanie [Senior Photography]

Oct 15, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on Stephanie [Senior Photography]

Stephanie may be one of the most calm and collected people I know.  She’s also got an eye for art and drawing and we share a passion for the Braves.  We had a lot of fun bouncing all over the place for this shoot.  Each one of the scene seeking to capture her personality.

Hannah [Senior Photography]

Oct 1, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on Hannah [Senior Photography]

Hannah saw one of our other Senior’s Shots and knew she wanted us to take hers, too.  We met up in Watkinsville and explored some of the artsy areas around downtown that made for a fun little shoot.

Amanda [Senior Photography]

Sep 30, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on Amanda [Senior Photography]

We’ve known Amanda for several years and were excited to take her Senior Pictures this year.  She was so photogenic the whole day it was hard to take a bad picture.

Maisie [Senior Photography]

Jul 31, 2011   //   by brodybearden   //   Blog, Photography  //  Comments Off on Maisie [Senior Photography]

Maisie was a Senior at Oglethorpe County in 2011 when she so boldly allowed us to give Senior Photography as shot.  She served as a great model and the images turned out even better than I had hoped.

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