Freedom Letters

I recently had an opportunity to spend the day with some ladies in Cleveland, TN.
God has laid it on their heart to start an event where women could come and share their stories, their trials, their struggles…their testimonies.  Amy and Sarah asked me to come up and help them out with a teaser/video to help promote the event.  We spent the day at Sarah’s house in their barn for this shoot.

They lined up several women to come and share what “Freedom” means to them and I had the pleasure of capturing it all and putting it all together.

We’ll be posting the full testimonies of some of these women in the coming days, but this was an exciting way to kick off the promotion for their event on March 20, 2012 in Cleveland.

If you are around…and a lady…you might want to check it out. Click on the picture below to see their webpage:Freedom Letters

PS. Shout out to Suzanne for connecting us up for this project.  It was good getting to catch up!