Adoption Homecoming for Ruby Kai

On Father’s Day of this year, I received a few frantic emails from a friend of ours asking if we were available to film an adoption homecoming video for a client.  They had been asked to do it, but the day their flight was coming back from Africa was the only day they were unavailable, so I checked our schedule and determined that we could work it in.  After a few emails back and forth from Uganda, where Julie was, we decided to meet up on I-20 with her husband and 4 of their 5 kids. From that point I jumped in the vehicle with the whole crew and we made our way to the airport to welcome home Ruby Kai from Uganda with only one pit stop:).

Even Faith and Favor were able to make it to the airport to welcome their friend from Uganda to the United States.  As you’ll see, it didn’t take her long to get warmed up to her new family…AND the cameras.

Welcome Home Ruby Kai!


Tetreault Adoption Homecoming from Brody Bearden on Vimeo.