Hair Cut Time Lapse

Ever since college, I’ve took it upon myself to find someone to cut my hair for free. What started off as me just being cheap has turned into a sense of pride in not having to pay for a hair cut for X number of years. My wife, Trisha, has graciously taken these responsibilities upon herself and has done an exceedingly wonderful job with it ever since she took the reigns.

I hadn’t cut my hair since before Leeland was born in September (more updates on him later) so I was long overdue.

Today we decided I decided to set up my camera and do a time lapse of a typical hair cut for me. The only difference is that usually Trisha makes me go outside for it so my hair doesn’t get everywhere. Today worked in my favor, though, because it was windy and cold outside…and Trisha wasn’t having any of that…especially my trimmed hair blowing all over her in the gusts of wind.

So here it is…my hair cut time lapse.

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Nikon 24-70 2.8