Finished Product

Ever wondered what the finish product looked like once all of the videos were done and shipped off?  Thanks for asking.  Here you go:

As you can see, we like to give it a nice, classy feel…almost like the front of a movie poster.  All images used are provided by the couple once they’ve received them from the photographer.  If your photographer doesn’t release the image copyright, then we usually try to snag a few good ones of our own during the day.  Also, my wife likes loves rafia…so you will undoubtedly find some wrapped around your bundle of goodies.

We also use thin cases.  They are smaller, sleeker, and really just make more sense when adding it to your DVD collection.  I’ve got a lot of DVDs myself, so being able to put two where one used to fit is just smarter.

When all is said and done, your Video will look great (both on the outside and inside of the DVD player).